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Drawn Wire


Sidenor’s Drawn Wires are used to manufacture clamping pieces such as screws, grub screws, rivets and other products such as bearing balls.

  • Simple K (Euronorm +U+C)
  • Reduced GKZ+K (Euronorm +U+AC+C)
  • Complete K+GKZ+K (Euronorm +U+C+AC+LC)
  • Alloys GKZ+K+GKZ+K (Euronorm +U+AC+C+AC+LC)
Steel lines:
  • Alloyed 41Cr4, 41CrS4, 42CrMoS4…
  • Boron: 20MnB4, 23B2, 36MnB4, 35B2…
  • Carbon: C4C, C10C, C15C, C20C…
  • Bearings: 100Cr6
Surface state:
  • Pickling
  • Phosphate
  • Reactive Soaped
Ø wire (mm)Ø (mm) interiorØ (mm) exteriorWeight (Kg)
Roll5 – 10 mm500 mm950 mm750/1,500
10 – 38 mm800 mm1,250 mm750/1,500
Frame1.5 – 3 mm520 mm950 mm300/500
3 – 9 mm520 mm950 mm500/750
9 – 11.70 mm520 mm950 mm500/750
750 mm1.100 mm750/1,500
11.70 – 15 mm750 mm1,100 mm750/1,500