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Circular Economy

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Circular Economy

“For Sidenor, circular economy is a priority, not only in terms of social responsibility, but also as an element in favour of competitiveness improvement, access to new markets and business diversification.
At Sidenor, we work to generate value in a sustainable manner, throughout the steel life cycle: from product design and process efficiency to the collaboration with suppliers and customers.

Scrap recycling does not only provide waste with a new life, it also contributes to reducing the use of necessary energy in the steel production process and, therefore, CO2 emissions, apart from reducing landfilling. Likewise, scrap recycling generates jobs for thousands of people through an extensive collection and processing chain.

We have adhered to the Circular Economy Agreement, promoted by the Ministries of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Envirnoment as well as Economy, Industry and Competitiveness, which aims at involving the main economic and social players in Spain in the transition towards a new economic model.

Steel life cycle


Steel is a 100% recyclable product.


At Sidenor, we invest time and resources in order to optimize raw material and natural resource consumption. We manage the waste generated, search for new ways of recovery and reuse, and optimize the production and logistics process.


Through our R&D&i department and in collaboration with our entire value chain, we work from the design stage of new steels in order to create increasingly sustainable and efficient products and processes.


We use recycled or reused scrap as our main raw material, thus contributing to the recycling of over 900,000 tons of metallic waste per year. In addition, we are constinuously searching for sustainable alternatives to the carbon and ferro elements used in our process.

Sidenor’s 5R

We manage all our activities according to the principles of circular economy, with the aim to minimize the resources used and reduce our emissions.



Efficient Use of Resources