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Efficient Use of Resources

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Efficient Use of Resources

We work to leverage the resources we use to the maximum extent, extending their lifespan or drawing an alternative benefit. For this purpose, we identify opportunities throughout the entire production process and carry out studies in collaboration with universities, research centers and industries.


Water is a fundamental resource in steel production, which is used as a cooling agent both for production equipment and the product. At Sidenor, we have been working for years to ensure a preventive and responsible use of this resource, integrating into its processes the three action lines deemed by the European Union to be the best available environmental techniques:

Separating direct cooling (dirty) water circuits from indirect (clean) ones.

Closing circuits so as to be able to reuse most of the water. In some of our factories, the level of reuse currently exceeds 95%.

Optimising water purification systems, which are implemented to avoid polluting the receiving environment and to reuse it internally.

Air Emissions

Sidenor’s production centers have modern smoke vaccum and purification systems, which highly efficiently capture the particles generated during the process. This filtered material, which was before intended for landfill, is now a by-product that is used as a raw material in the zinc recovery industry.

Sidenor, in addition, systematically reduces all emissions linked to its combustion processes through its annual efficiency plans.

Energy Efficiency

At Sidenor, controlling energy consumption throughout our entire production process is essential. Our objective is to optimize it in order to comply with our efficiency purposes and our commitments regarding the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Based on these objectives, Sidenor has deployed the principles of efficiency throughout the entire chain of command and, each year, the industrial area, in collaboration with the Energy and Environment department, plans and carries out short, medium and long-term actions in order to achieve energy optimization in all production processes and facilities.

Scope 2: indirect greenhouse gas emissions linked to the generation of electricity acquired and consumed by the organization.

Renewable Energy Supply

In order to ensure the achievement of our objectives, Sidenor has developed a green energy purchase strategy which is meant to be sustainable over time and contribute, together with the other energy efficiency actions, to reaching the reduction in emissions related with Scope 2 within the defined period.

This strategy is based on 2 areas of work

  1. Renewable energy supply for 50% of the total consumed for the next 10 years.
  2. Implementation of self-consumption systems through photovoltaic solar energy projects in our main production facilities.