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Sustainable Purchasing

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Responsible and Sustainable Purchasing

Sidenor, an entity committed to the economic and social development of the regions in which it operates, has reached a significant milestone in its history, becoming the first steelmaking company in Euskadi to obtain the ISO 20400 certification. This distinction, awarded by the Spanish Association of Purchasing, Contracting and Procurement Professionals, AERCE, supports the company’s commitment to sustainable and efficient purchase management.

Obtaining the ISO 20400 certification represents a milestone, which has been reached thanks to the effort and dedication of the company in the area of sustainability. Over the years, Sidenor has been adapting its purchase policies and strategies in order to comply with strict sustainability criteria. In addition, the company has prioritized collaboration with suppliers which are committed to environmental social and corporate governance (ESG) practices, thus reducing risks in its value chain.

In order to ensure constant risk monitoring in the value chain, the company uses the GoSupply platform, a tool which allows for accurate and real-time monitoring of its operations. The platform provides a detailed assessment of suppliers, giving ratings based on their degree of compliance with standards, regulations and internal policies, in addition to issuing warnings on possible sanctions or adverse events. This way, Sidenor makes sure it develops a sustainable activity, with more responsible practices which add value to the whole society, with a constant focus on people, the environment, ethics and corporate transparency.

Discover our responsible purchasing policies and our relationship with our suppliers.

1. Process

The Purchasing Management channels the procurement processes of materials, transports, services and equipment required by Sidenor. The main objective of the Purchasing Department is to acquire the goods, services and equipment that are necessary for our activity under the best possible quality, service and cost conditions while ensuring strategic alignment and complying with the specifications of the internal customer, as laid down in our Purchasing Policy. This process is carried out in compliance with the principles and values stated in our Code of Ethics. The General Conditions of Purchase sent in the orders extend the acceptance of the Code of Ethics to all our suppliers.

Suppliers are strategic actors in Sidenor’s value chain. For this reason, we promote their development by means of a long-term business relationship, mutual growth, benefit and respect, responsibility, honesty, quality and transparency, which help fulfil company objectives and strategies.

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2. Supplier Corporate Social Responsbility

At Sidenor, we promote social and ethical development and encourage our suppliers to work towards the same goals by endorsing the CSR. The new CSR published in 2019 replaces the previous Declaration of Commitment (DC). Apart from fostering compliance with the fundamental principles of the International Labour Organisation which are already included in the current DC, the new CSR is a step forward in the commitment to safety and health at work, the environment, fair competition as well as integrity and honesty in business activities.

Through the new supplier portal, all suppliers of Sidenor are required to endorse the CSR in order to remain registered.

3. Sustainability

We are strongly committed to the economic and social development of the regions in which we are present. According to the amount invoiced in 2023, 45% of Sidenor suppliers are local, from the provinces where we have our production centres, and 78% are national suppliers.

In terms of numbers, 64% of Sidenor suppliers which invoiced in 2023 are local, from the provinces where we have our production centres, and 92% are national suppliers.