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Customer Technical Support

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At the service of our clients

Sidenor technical team has wide experience in metallurgy, thermal treatments and special steels processes and products providing pre-sale and after sale services with regard to:

Problem Solving.

Precise definition of the most suitable product to meet clients’ requirements.

Optimisation of current products.

Innovation proposals.

carrera profesional Sidenor
Our technical assistance engineers, in cooperation with the Technology & Quality, R&D, Sales and Production Departments, give support in the design of the product/process and encourage competitive changes and solutions to recurring problems. For that purpose they collaborate with the clients in joint working teams identifying improvement opportunities, carrying out activities aimed at the reduction of costs, contributing with all kinds of technical advice or proposing ideas for optimization/innovation of the processes/products of the clients. In this way, Sidenor supports the clients in their process of continuous improvement and increase of competitiveness offering customized products to meet their needs.