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Commitment to Our Community

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Commitment to Our Community

We are committed to the economic and social development of the regions in which we are present. Our contribution to aspects such as job creation and cooperation with local suppliers involves a significant support to the regions in which we are located and turns our company into an important ally for all of them.

Cooperation with Social Entities

We foster initiatives which promote training, environmental care and sports and benefit the least-favoured sectors.

Dialogue with Communities

We develop a continuous dialogue with the communities in which we are present, which helps us understand their needs. The yearly visits we organise for customers, suppliers, training centres and institutions to our worksites, the communication meetings or the activities planned to create synergies and encourage cooperation are just a few examples of this.


Through sponsorship actions, we support the work of sports, cultural or educational organizations and associations which adhere to values such as training, solidarity and team work – principles in which we strongly believe, as reflected in our Corporate Social Responsibility policy.