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Waste Reuse and Recovery

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Waste Reuse and Recovery

We are constinuously searching for smart alternatives for the reduction, reuse and recovery of the waste that we generate in our activity. For this purpose, we identify opportunities throughout the entire production process, we develop innovative products and we search for new markets, together with our R&D&i department and in collaboration with users, universities and technology centers.

Final Destination of the Waste

In order to reach our recovery objectives, we have developed short- and medium-term work lines:
EN Economía Circular

Main Milestones

Steel Aggregate

This by-product is generated in the steel production during the scrap melting process in the arc electric furnace. It has an important function in terms of process control and steel quality. It is mainly composed of calcium oxides, iron, silicon, magnesium, manganese, aluminium, phosphorus and sulphur.

After the recovery process (cooling, metallic separation, grinding and sieving), it is used as an aggregate for asphalt mixes, sub-bases for roads, sewers, industrial areas fills, raw materials in cement factories and precast concrete products.

We led the 5RefrACT project

Sidenor has led this project, financed by the LIFE programme of the European Commission. The objective of 5RefrACT was to extend the “4R” paradigm to “5R” (reduce, reuse, remanufacture, recycle and re-educate) for an application in the steelmaking sector and the refractory market, thus maximizing the use of these materials.
Throughout 2020, we took part in various forums in order to disseminate the scope, progress and benefits of this project.