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Scrap recycling is the basis of our production process

100% of the steel manufactured by Sidenor comes from scrap. Each year, we manage close to nine hundred thousand tons of industrial waste and obsolete materials which are no longer of use to the society, such as household appliances or cars. In our centers, we reuse this raw material and turn it into new steel products of the highest quality.

Scrap recycling gives this waste a new life; it avoids landfilling and reduces the use of energy that is necessary in the steel production process and, thus, CO2 emissions. In addition, recycling generates jobs for thousands of people through an extensive collection and processing chain.

Sidenor also has two collection centers located in Azuqueca de Henares (Guadalajara) and Sagunto (Valencia).

Azuqueca de Henares (Guadalajara)

P. Ind. El Ródano. Av. de Lyon 9

CP  19200

Tlf: +34 949 348 918



Sagunto (Valencia)

Camí dels Rolls s/n

CP 46500

Tlf: +34 962 655 705



We have adhered to the Radiation Monitoring Protocol, which aims at avoiding potential incidents resulting from the presence of radioactive waste in the metallic materials that are recycled.

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