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Steel industry parts

Mangon acoplamiento

Who better than a steel production company with almost 100 years of experience in the manufacturing of all types of steel to make products for such facilities?

Reinosa Works manufactures forged parts such as spindles, mandrels, pinions and cast parts such as mill housing, chocks, and Sendzimir mill housing aimed at rolling mills.In addition, we also supply forged rolls both back up rolls and workrolls for cold and hot rolling mills.

  • Ø Max: 3.7 meters
  • Final mec. weight: 3-70 tons
  • Max. dim shafts.: 3.7x5x18m
  • Steels: Carbon and alloyed
  • Ø Max: 8.0 meters
  • Final mec. weight: 5-140 tons
  • Max. length: 18m
  • Steels: Carbon and alloyed