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Shipbuilding and offshore industry parts

Piezas para el sector Naval y Offshore

Shipbuilding both civil and military have always been in our DNA. In fact, the company’s beginnings had strong connections with the reconstruction of the Spanish naval squadron destroyed following the War in Cuba and the Philippines in 1898.

Since almost 100 years ago we have supplied parts such as shafts, brackets, rudder horns, etc… for carriers and frigates of the most important navies around the world.

Offshore is an ever-growing area in Reinosa Works.

  • Ø Max: 3.7 meters
  • Final mec. weight: 3-70 tons
  • Max. dim shafts.: 3.7x5x18m
  • Steels: Carbon and alloyed
  • Ø Max: 8.0 meters
  • Final mec. weight: 5-140 tons
  • Max. length: 18m
  • Steels: Carbon and alloyed