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Cut to Length Bars


Sidenor offers materials that are cut to length, for their direct use in customer processes. The materials are available for the entire range of steels: free cutting, carbons, alloyed, etc. and with or without any type of thermal treatment: quenched, annealed, spheroidized annealed, stress-relieved, etc.

Sidenor Special Steels:
  • Cut-to-length flats:
    • Lengths: 400 a 1.830 mm;
    • Length tolerance: +/- 1 mm
Sidenor Bright Steels:
  • Round cut-to-length bars:
    • Diameters of 10 to 35 mm
    • Lengths of 250 to 1,950 mm
    • Length tolerance +1/-0mm
    • Maximum hardness: 300 HB (1000 N/mm2)
  • Sawed cut-to-length bars:
    • Diameters of 10 to 50 mm
    • Length of 100 to 1000 mm
    • Sheared and chamfered ends on demand