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We are Sidenor

We are Sidenor, a leader in the production of special steel long products

We study and develop the best solutions in one of the biggest steel centers in Europe. We have a team of close to 1,800 people, to which we maintain a strong commitment.

We work on sustainability in a transversal manner, in our entire value chain and all our processes and operations.

Innovation and future

Thanks to our strong commitment to innovation and sustainability, we are at the forefront of the sector. We perform technological developments to optimize our products and processes.

A wide range of

We manufacture an extensive range of semi-finished products (billets, rectangular bloom and round bloom), rolled products (wire rod, bars, billets and flats) and bright products (drawing, turning as well as grinding and drawing) in carbon steels, alloy steels for quenching and tempering, case-hardening steels, nitriding, spring alloys, easily machinable steels, cold-forming steels, microalloyed steels, heat-resistant steels, bearing steels, chain steels…

ESG commitment

At Sidenor, we work on sustainability in a transversal manner in our entire value chain and in all our processes and operations, focussing on people, environment, society, ethics and business transparency.

Do you want to be a Steeler?

The real driver of our success are the people who are part of our team. We are proud to be more than a company: we are a community.

You are an innovative

We want to work together with you

Sidenor 612 is a space to work on data projects, artificial intelligence and new technologies. A transformative learning laboratory that will promote a culture of innovation all over the world.


in Europe

We have production centres in the Basque Country, Cantabria and Catalonia, as well as sales delegations in Germany, France, Italy and the United Kingdom