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The wind energy sector is increasingly important and this market requires optimised components with the highest standards of quality to adapt to the increasingly demanding requirements of the sector.

Innovation in steels is thus necessary so as to meet the increasingly strict requirements.

For this purpose, Sidenor works to design new qualities of steel, to adapt existing qualities to new processes and technologies and to improve internal as well as customer processes.

Sidenor is a leading supplier of wind energy solutions for customers. The company has a wide range of high-performance steel products: hardened and tempered steel bars, hot-rolled or turned, wind energy flat bars as well as rectangular and round blooms.

Parts manufactured by Sidenor for this sector:

–    Flanges: Sidenor manufactures flat bars intended for the manufacture of wind energy flanges.
–    Fasteners: Sidenor manufactures hardened and tempered steels with high resistance and toughness under extreme conditions. Applications.

·    Screws: we work with rolled or annealed rolled bars. They are used for the fixation of tower sections as well as blade/hub assembly.

·    Foundation bolts: we work with induction-hardened and tempered, subsequently turned bars. They are used for tower/foundation assembly.

–    Gearbox: Our steels are used in gearboxes.

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Foundation bolts

Tower fasteners


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