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At Sidenor, we are aware of the importance of respecting the personal and emotional development of minors and the enjoyment of their rights

This year, the World Day against Child Labour and the World Day of Health and Safety at Work join in a campaign aiming at improving the health and safety of young workers and putting an end to child labour.

According to official estimations of the United Nations, 168 millions of children are the victims of child labour

The campaign, named “Safe and Healthy Generation”, aims at impulsing actions which help achieve one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG no. 8) as well as the objective of promoting a safe and protected work environment for all workers and putting an end to all forms of child labour.

In addition to promoting a culture of prevention in terms of health and safety at work, Sidenor announces its commitment to the erradication of child labour, as mentioned in its Code of Ethics, available on our website