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Ground Bars

Barras calibradas

Sidenor Bright Steel’s drawn bars are used in the manufacturing of all types of parts for the automotive, construction, mechanical engineering and energy industries and industry in general where a dimensional precision and finish is required. This surface condition could be applied to any steel family: free-cutting, carbon, alloyed, etc…. with or without any types of thermal treatments: quenched, annealed, spheroidized annealed, stress-relief, etc… based on the product requirements.

Supply / diameters:
  • Supply of ground bars from 7 to 60 mm in diameter.
  • Tolerances h6/h8. Lengths from 3,000 to 6,000 mm without thermal treatment.
  • Delivery condition: without thermal treatment – stress relieving – annealing (sub critical, spheroidizing, isothermal) – normalizing – quench and tempering (conventional and induction) – hyper tempering (stainless steels).
  • End of the bars: possibility of beveling/facing/shearing/sawing.
  • Straightness between 0.5mm/m-2mm/m according to specifications.
  • Material 100% controlled by circograph.
  • Package weight 1,000Kg/1,500Kg.
  • Internal defects: we guarantee compliance with SEP1920 class C standards; EN 10.228-3 class 4; SAE-AMS-STD-2154 class B; OENORM-M3002 class 3; SEP1921 class Ee; EN 10308:2002.
  • Material 100% controlled by circograph.
  • European standard EN 10277-1 and customer specifications.
  • Stricter requirements are available upon request.