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Cement industry parts

Sidenor is one of the primary suppliers of the most important Engineering companies in the cement industry.

Our parts are fundamental because, for example, if a kiln tire ring is damaged, this may cause the furnace to shut down, resulting in considerable losses for the cement producers.

Therefore, these parts are of vital importance and the industry must collaborate with top quality suppliers such as Sidenor.

Unlike other manufacturers who are mono-technological (manufacturing either forgings or castings), we manufacture all types of parts and can therefore provide assistance to customers regarding the best product available for them.

In addition, Reinosa works also offers sub-assemblies or roller and shaft.

  • Ø Max: 3.7 meters
  • Final mec. weight: 3-70 tons
  • Max. dim shafts.: 3.7x5x18m
  • Steels: Carbon and alloyed
  • Ø Max: 8.0 meters
  • Final mec. weight: 5-140 tons
  • Max. length: 18m
  • Steels: Carbon and alloyed