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Home > News  > Sidenor is awarded the Jose Arrieta Business and Society Prize, which acknowledges our work in corporate social responsibility

Yesterday, our Chairman Jose A. Jainaga received the Jose Arrieta Business and Society Prize, which recognizes our good practices in terms of corporate responsibility in favour of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their contribution to economic development.

“This recognition goes along with the core of our management, strategies and concerns – in essence, the core of our business. Many years ago, we silently embarked on the path towards sustainability, as sustainability is synonymous with survival, and they cannot exist without each other”, explained Jose A. Jainaga in his speech.

This award is organized each year by the media outlet Estrategia Empresarial, with the collaboration of BBK and Petronor. The jury of this edition was composed of representatives of BBK, Petronor, the Basque Government, Confebask, Eroski and Alzola Basque Water.

We were selected as a winning company due to our corporate policies, which contribute to the development of our activities in an honest, ethical and transparent manner.

We wish to thank all people who work day by day to help us remain a company committed to sustainability.

Thank you very much !