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Today, Sidenor Azkoitia has been rewarded by ADEGI (business association of Gipuzkoa) as a factory which represents the values of the “new corporate culture”

This new corporate culture defined by ADEGI is committed to values of trust, collaboration, respect, communication, human and ethical relations, personal example, listening…, and puts the worker at the centre of the project.

Cultural change processes require a long time; they are based on people, values and the impact of management systems on behaviours and attitudes. All workers of the factory of Azkoitia have, in one way or another, contributed to this way of understanding the company and the relations among team members.

This type of relations is anchored in the factory; it is part of a daily work and management method which is based on respect and mutual trust.

La planta de Azkoitia de Sidenor recibe el Premio ADEGI Nueva Cultura de Empresa from Sidenor Aceros Especiales on Vimeo.

ADEGI’s prize is for all people who contribute to the project of Sidenor Azkoitia with their work and generosity. The whole group receives it with pride and as a recognition of a journey of change, in which various obstacles had to be overcome and where many challenges remain in the medium and long term.

It is now time to express our thanks to all members of the factory of Azkoitia for their commitment, efforts, trust and participation to a common project:

Build the future of Sidenor on the basis of a model of values, people and behaviours associated with our management systems.

Thank you and congratulations on the prize awarded to the factory of Azkoitia!