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Nowadays, the manufacturing industry is facing various challenges, such as the lack of resources (raw materials, energy) and the increase in prices, as well as environmental constraints. Dependencies regarding the supply of raw materials as well as the pressure to generate high-quality products at the lowest costs possible make it more difficult for manufacturers to remain competitive.

The INEVITABLE project arises from this need and focuses on the areas of steel and non-ferrous metals. Its overall objective is to optimise the performance of production processes by means of scanning technologies, which will help to improve energy efficiency and product quality, as well as to optimise production processes by providing accurate process models to test the effect of process parameters and define these before the production stage. In addition, the project will allow to obtain sensors based on models so as to estimate process variables which, so far, have not been measured, as well as methods for process diagnosis and the monitoring of conditions in these processes.

The INEVITABLE project will enable an improved and flexible production performance, with a simultaneous reduction of resource consumption and CO2 emissions, which will contribute to strengthen the competitiveness and sustainability of the metal industry in the European Union.

SIDENOR participates in this project in order to design and develop a monitoring system which may predict steel castability and final properties with respect to its objective level of cleanliness, as the achievement of an accurate characterisation of mixing energy in the ladle is one of the most critical issues.

The INEVITABLE project is financed within the framework of the Horizon 2020 Programme SPIRE call, in the specific area “Digital technologies for improved performance in cognitive production plants”. It has an estimated duration of 36 months and includes 12 partners from 6 countries. Its total budget is above 6 million euros, around 5 million euros being provided by the EU.

Picture : INEVITABLE project concept