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Industrial symbiosis is the association of companies which develop mutual relations in order to improve resource use and jointly reduce their environmental impact. This strategy has received great attention in the past few years due to its high energy and resources saving potential, although it still requires a better knowledge, especially in view of its implementation and operation.

Against this background, the CORALIS project aims at generating real experiences regarding the deployment of industrial symbiosis solutions in order to overcome the obstacles these initiatives are facing. In order to adequately address this complex topic, CORALIS will focus on three (technical, management and economic) factors which will establish the basis for the definition of the viability of each industrial symbiosis initiative. In addition, the project will provide a harmonised framework for the follow-up of results and the evaluation of its impact from a lifecycle perspective

The overall focus of CORALIS is the demonstration of industrial symbiosis initiatives in 3 industrial sites, each one of which is supported by an industrial symbiosis facilitator and a neutral actor in charge of guiding the industrial symbiosis initiative and making use of its entire potential. In addition, 3 other industrial sites will perform the project results follow-up in order to replicate them by implementing additional initiatives once the project is finalised.

SIDENOR participates as one of these additional industries which, based on the results observed in one of the industrial site (Brescia, Italy), will perform a detailed evaluation of the technical and economic viability of a residual heat recovery and storage system applied to the industrial area of Basauri, with the aim to promote successful business models for steam supply among surrounding industries.

The CORALIS project has a consortium of 21 companies, technology centres and industry associations. It is supported within the framework of the SPIRE tender of the Horizon 2020 programme, in the specific category “Tapping into the potential of Industrial Symbiosis”. This big project has an overall budget of €22,756,791,2.