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Thanks to the work developed by Sidenor’s IT department in the past few months, SAP users have seen the efficiency of their work increase by 40%. Processes such as budgeting or stock checks on the accounting date, which used to consume a lot of memory and require long execution times, have been reduced from 5 hours to 1 and from 2 hours to 15 seconds, respectively. This improvement is the result of the first phase of the transition project from our current SAP to SAP S/4 HANA.

Over these months, IT has been working together with Telefónica on a double migration, transferring its entire SAP infrastructure to the cloud (Telefónica Data Processing Centre) while at the same time transferring the database from SAP to HANA. ( SoH)


                                                                                         DPC Telefónica

Once this first phase is completed, the IT department will continue identifying HANA’s new functionalities and the applicability of these functionalities to our business. With this leap, Sidenor completes one of the main pillars of its digitalization plan Sidenor 4.0.