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The steel company strengthens its commitment to talent and professional excellence with the launch of its new value proposal as an employer brand and activates a Web section dedicated to talent attraction and professional development

The steel company Sidenor further strengthens its commitment to the professional development and well-being of its workers by presenting on its Webpage a new value proposal as a reference employer brand, based on four fundamental pillars that define its corporate culture and its commitment to shared success

Professional Impulse 

The personal development and professional growth of its workers are the main reason for the company’s success. Sidenor’s new value proposal therefore includes a strong training and development program which provides all team members with continuous learning and professional growth opportunities throughout their entire career, ensuring that they benefit from the tools and support that are necessary to reach their full potential.

Corporate Culture and Values 

Sidenor’s corporate culture promotes an atmosphere of collaboration and mutual respect, where each team member feels valued and motivated to contribute by bringing of best of themselves, creating a positive and success-oriented work environment.

Recognition and Reward 

Sidenor values the work and commitment of all employees by rewarding exceptional performances and promoting professional excellence and growth in all areas. 

Commitment to the Community and Social Responsibility 

The company also show its commitment to corporate social responsibility through voluntary initiatives and community development programs, seeking to be an agent of positive change and an example of responsible leadership in the industry.

These four key features highlight Sidenor’s commitment to talent, excellence, shared success and the society.

In order to disclose this new proposal, the steel company has activated a new Web section entitled Talent, in which people who are interested in joining the company can discover all available opportunities and take the first step towards a successful career within a company that is committed to the personal and professional development of each employee.