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The fight against climate change is transforming traditional social and economic models, driving companies to take steps towards decarbonisation and thus answer the needs of the various stakeholders.

Sidenor is aiming at defining increasingly sustainable processes and products. For this purpose, it maintains active and continuous collaborations with the members of the entire value chain, searching for synergies which enable to strengthen the sector, the company and our brand.

This leads us to participate in collaborative projects such as NOCARBFORGING 2050, which aims at defining manufacturing technologies and processes for the shaping of CO2 emission-free metal components by 2050.

The NOCARBforging 2050 initiative was launched by the Association of German Smiths (Industrieverband Massivumformung IMU) in October 2020, with the aim to contribute to climate-neutral industrial production in metal shaping by 2050 thanks to innovative forging process technologies. NOCARBFORGING 2050 establishes two project phases. In the first phase, it intends to define and provide initiative members with a specific tool for the determination of the carbon footprint of forged parts. The second phase of the project will focus on reducing / eliminating CO2 emissions in forging manufacturing processes.

This project, in which 53 companies participate, reflects Sidenor’s collaborative and cooperating spirit as well as its commitment to growth and sustainable and responsible development as a business and brand strategy.