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The steel company, together with the Basque Government, has invested 40 million euros in the purchase of eight solar parks in Catalonia

Sidenor has reached an unprecedented milestone in the sector, becoming the first steel producer in Spain to opt for the direct purchase of energy generation installations. In collaboration with the Basque Government, the steel company has created Eguzkind, a joint venture which has invested 40 million euros in the purchase of eight solar parks in Catalonia, with a generation capacity of 43 megawatts per hour.

This initiative is part of Sidenor’s commitment to advancing in the decarbonization of its special steel production activity, with a view to reducing carbon emissions.

According to José Antonio Jainaga, Chairman of Sidenor, “the increase in energy prices has significantly impacted the company business, and our commitment to renewable energy does not only ensure stable power supply, but will also contribute to reducing carbon emissions in the special steel production process”.

Towards sustainable activity

Environmental sustainability is a key element in Sidenor’s strategy, and green energy implementation is a fundamental tool to achieve it.

In this context, in order to reduce emissions generated through its own activity, the company has established a strategy based on two areas of work: ensuring that at least 50% of the energy consumed in the next 10 years stem from renewable sources, and carrying out photovoltaic solar energy projects for self-consumption in its main facilities.