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basque ecodesign

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the first ecodesign projects in the Basque Country, three conferences will take place at the Euskalduna Conference Hall in Bilbao on February 26th-28th, addressing the latest news in terms of ecodesign and circular economy.

basque ecodesign

Sidenor, an emblematic industrial company of the Basque Country, which includes sustainability among its strategic pillars, could not miss this encounter. For this reason, Iñigo Unamuno, Industrial Innovation Projects Manager, will represent Sidenor next Thursday, February 27th, and share some of the achievements made in terms of sustainability thanks to the integration of new methodologies in the design of components and review of manufacturing processes.

Apart from participating in the round table on metal ecodesign, Sidenor will contribute to the exhibition by means of an EXTREME steel sample for the manufacture of screws and bolts.

The ecodesign of metal alloys and parts can reduce the environmental footprint of special steels up to 40%. The Extreme steel, for example, shows a 25%-reduction in its carbon footprint compared with standard steel.

Apart from integrating ecodesign in all product development and process phases, Sidenor is also a pioneer company in Spain, which can calculate the environmental footprint of the product life cycle by means of a certified system.

Our company believes that business continuity is linked to our performance in the environmental area. This commitment is reflected in our daily practices, in the investment performed in order to continuously update our equipment and in the development of training and stimulus programmes with the aim to foster a stronger environmental awareness. Among other sustainability projects, we lead new ways of addressing circular economy, the recovery and reuse of by-products as well as the management and analysis and data in order to identify each environmental indicator in the processes and to reach an exponential improvement in their efficiency.

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