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Home > News  > Sidenor participates again in the 2016-2017 STARTInnova program

The STARTInnova project started in October its fourth edition as an entrepreneurship and innovation training program. The project already includes 32 educational centres and 160 student working groups, under the sponsorship of 32 companies in Cantabria.

StartInnova has created a platform aiming at helping students design enterprising ideas based on the Canvas method and the support of tutors and mentors.

The 10 best ideas are selected and presented at the end of each edition to a panel of members of the CISE (Santander International Entrepreneurship Centre), entrepreneurs and students who consider each idea and vote.

The ideas are assessed by means of online votes and mentors votes.

Including this edition, Sidenor has been working on this project for 3 years. As a company characterised by its entrepreneurial and responsible behaviour, its participation in this program that encourages young people to develop their ideas and approach the reality of entrepreneurship is a great collaboration opportunity.

Sidenor aims at showing the students that being competitive and well aware of the sector’s trends is essential in the global market we are facing nowadays.

The company is continuously investing in resources regarding innovation, investigation and development; the students must take advantage of the new technologies and study the various markets in which they propose their ideas, being aware of their novelties and offering improving alternatives to already existing products and activities.

Nowadays, being good is not enough. We must face the current globalization as a thrilling challenge and work hard in order to be among the best. This is our core idea as mentors and you will see, when you visit our installations, that this is our daily practice in Sidenor.