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Sidenor is keeping to its commitment to sustainable development and respect for the environment with its reforestation project in the vicinity of the factory of Reinosa.

The initiative was launched two years ago, together with the city council of Enmedio Campoo and Bosques Sostenibles, a company specialized in environmental initiatives, and aims at planting 1,300 new trees.

Within the framework of this corporate social responsibility initiative, Sidenor workers are planting various types of trees which belong to autochthonous species such as beeches, pines, sorbs, willows and wild pies.

When the tree planting project ends, the forest will contain 3,900 trees, all of them being typical species of the area.

Sidenor’s commitment is to complete the new forest by 2018, with a wide expanse of four hectares, corresponding to four football fields, and a total of 5,200 planted trees.

Sidenor would like to thank the workers and their families who supported the project and planted the trees for their collaboration, as this project could never have been carried out without their help.

Sidenor also would like to thank the city council and Bosques Sostenibles for their support and collaboration in making the new forest close to Sidenor a reality.