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Sidenor participates in the Basque Industrial Hub for Circularity in order to foster innovative initiatives which reduce carbon emissions in the industry 

In line with its commitment to sustainability and innovation, Sidenor has taken part in the creation of the Basque Industrial Hub for Circularity (BIH4C), Euskadi’s first business and technology hub geared towards boosting the sustainable transformation of industrial areas. 

The company has been collaborating with the hub since its foundation, reaffirming a commitment which is already strongly established in its business identity and reflects its intention to participate in initiatives which foster responsible industrial practices.

Under this premise, the steel company provides the hub with pioneering industrial practices which significantly contribute to reducing carbon emissions and fostering circular economy. One of Sidenor’s main contributions to the BIH4C is the inclusion of hydrogen (H2) testing in the ladle heating industrial process and slag carbonation by using carbon dioxide (CO2). 

These contributions aim to improve slag quality, making efficient use of the CO2 waste captured from other industries in order to carbonate it and close the carbon cycle in a sustainable manner. 

Through its participation in the BIH4C, Sidenor strengthens its commitment to  innovation and sustainability and boosts its strategic efforts to become a carbon-neutral company by 2050, leading the way towards a more sustainable industrial activity and future.

Synergies to optimize the industry

The Basque Industrial Hub for Circularity, led by Tecnalia, aims at optimizing the industry and focuses on implementing synergies, improving resource use efficiency and fostering technological innovation.

Its main objective is to promote decarbonization through a 20% reduction in CO2 emissions and foster sustainability by improving resource use efficiency by 10%.

The hub, which includes a consortium of various industrial sectors made up of 31 partners from 9 countries, including 10 Basque entities, aims at boosting synergies which foster efficient collaboration between various industrial sectors. 

In addition, its impact goes beyond Euskadi as it also encompasses sustainable models in four key industrial hubs in Europe, thus reaching a significant milestone on the way towards circularity and sustainability in the European industry.