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With this purchase, Sidenor boosts its capacity in metal waste treatment and ensures the continuous supply of quality industrial scrap.

AMR, located in Valencia, is specialised in the recovery and recycling of industrial waste.

Sidenor announces the purchase of Aguilar Metal Recycling-AMR, a company which is specialized in industrial scrap. With this operation, Sidenor boosts its technological and industrial capacity in metal waste treatment, while ensuring the continuous supply of quality industrial scrap.

AMR is a centenary company which is mainly specialized in the recovery and recycling of all types of metal and non-metal waste, most of which comes from companies that are closely linked to the automotive sector. It also provides services for waste management within these companies. Sidenor is currently buying scrap from various providers under strict quality criteria.

It is worth noting, in addition, that AMR has a strategic location in the Valencia town of Sagunto, in a significant area in terms of scrap generation, due to the presence of car production plants, as well as an excellent logistic location, 300 meters away from the port and 5 km away from the rail freight terminal.

The transaction performed by Sidenor, whose final closure will take place during the second 2022 quarter, contributes to the consolidation of the sector, in which the supply security of a key product such as industrial scrap will increase.