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Together with all agents in our value chain, Sidenor is building a path towards reaching company excellence in order to continue growing in a sustainable way and to ensure the company’s future.

For this purpose, we are also continuously improving in the area of environment and energy, reviewing our policies and entering into new commitments which help us position ourselves as a reference in the sector.

One alternative is an energy model with a strong penetration of renewable energies and the use of hydrogen as an energy vector in order to decarbonise the industry.

For this purpose, Sidenor has joined the Basque Hydrogen Corridor industrial and technological platform with the aim to:

  • Analyse and assess hydrogen value chain development in Sidenor’s strategy.
  • Participate in all forums, activities and projects of interest which are being developed in this area.

The Basque Hydrogen Corridor Project will include the development of a technology roadmap aiming at solving some of the existing challenges and will facilitate technology transfer so that Sidenor may position itself in this economy of hydrogen.

About the Basque Hydrogen Corridor

Hydrogen will be the key element in Euskadi’s transition towards climate neutrality. The Basque Hydrogen Corridor Project, BH2C, is an initiative which will contribute to changing the energy and economic model in order to advance in the decarbonisation of strategic sectors such as energy, mobility, industry and services. This is a commitment to industry which was created in the Basque Country by Petronor- Repsol. It also includes organisations from other territories and will entail an economic revival through the development of the technical and industrial chain of hydrogen economy.

Last February 2d, 2021, the Basque Hydrogen Corridor consortium was formalized. It includes the participation of 78 organisations: 8 institutions, 12 knowledge centres and company associations and 58 companies, among which Sidenor. This project is based on an integral strategy, which includes 34 projects along the entire value chain and aims at being a lever in order to transform the productive fabric and maintain the importance of industry in our economy. These include projects which are related to the “heart” of hydrogen economy, such as the installation of an electrolysers factory, the development of fuel cells and hydrogenerators (hydrogen pumps), and to mobility applications such as the development of hydrogen buses and trains. The initiative’s projects are grouped into the following categories:

  • Production of renewable hydrogen and synthetic fuels.
  • Mobility – distribution logistics.
  • Decarbonisation of the industry.
  • Urban and residential uses.
  • Infrastructure.
  • Technology and industrial development.

The Basque Hydrogen Corridor will be implemented in two phases. The first one is already being carried out and will be completed in 2026. The planned investment of 1,300 million euros will translate into the production of 20,000 tonnes of renewable hydrogen per year, thus avoiding the emission of 1.5 million tonnes of CO2 per year. It will also imply the creation of over 1,340 direct and 6,700 indirect jobs.

The investment performed during the first years will be intended for the development and production of renewable hydrogen, infrastructures and applications that are necessary for the deployment of this Basque Hydrogen Corridor.