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Proud to be a part of Sidenor

Sidenor encourages its professionals to be entrepreneurial and to look towards the future. Throughout the company, employees have the freedom and autonomy to manage their own projects. This helps to encourage commitment and a true obsession for quality and positive results, so that each associate feels intimately connected to the business objectives. Individuals are valued for their initiative and ability to work as a team, for their insight into the organization and the markets, their customer focus and their pursuit of on-going learning.

Training and Development

At Sidenor, professional training consists of two personal dimensions: Challenges and Training. Challenges are those activities that result in an increase in performance actions, new inter-functional tasks, participation in workgroups and research conducted in new areas.

This training includes the incorporation of appropriate techniques and concepts aimed at improving individual performance. This guarantees the acquisition of knowledge, professional attitudes and skills.

Real growth possibilities

The individual employee is responsible for his/her career advancement. With appropriate assistance and guidance, the company’s employees plan, set goals and take the needed steps for their professional development..

This search for self-development is encouraged by leaders of each department, with ongoing assessments of potential, performance and skills being conducted. The results of these assessment tools serve as orientation for the planning of improved professional career paths.

Young Professionals – University Partnerships

University partnerships is a project developed between Sidenor and various universities, offering special arrangements to students in their final year having excellent performance.

Sidenor believes in investing in young university students who shall become future talents. Therefore, they offer a trainee program to provide learning and training opportunities for university and technical school students.

The student should have an entrepreneurial spirit, the will to improve, self-confidence and a consistent desire to learn.

Jovenes profesionales Sidenor