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For the second year in a row, Sidenor publishes its non-financial report, which includes all the information necessary to understand the development and results as well as all issues related with the environment, society and the respect for human rights, among others.

“An extraordinary year” is the prominent title of the letter of our Chairman, Jose Antonio Jainaga, regarding 2018 results; in this statement of intent, he expresses his gratefulness to all people who made them possible, and highlights the effort in innovation and investment which is turning Sidenor into a company that is prepared to face the future and stay at the forefront of special steel worldwide.

As a result of this ammbitious investment plan, in 2018 we extended our range of products, with the new 240 billet size, diversifying and expanding our business. In addition, thanks to our effort to provide our customers with the best products and services, we could see, at the end of the year, the new round bloom format, an innovative product resulting from the recent investment in Basauri steelworks, become a reality.

Likewise, we moved forward on the path to Industry 4.0, digitising processes and activities in order to improve our efficiency, as we are convinced that technology is an ally which will help us grow.

One of our main objectives is to be a sustainable company in every respect and, for this purpose, we are constantly searching for new ways of optimising activities in our work centres, focusing on the reduction of consumption and emissions, as well as the reuse and recovery of all ressources used during our production processes, in line with our commitment to circular economy.

In addition, Sidenor is proud to be the first steelmaking company at national level to obtain the certification according to ISO 45001 standard, “Occupational health and safety management systems”. The ongoing training provided to our employees, the company-wide commitment and the implementation of increasingly safer and technologically advanced equipment are the way to achieve a safer organisation, where the safety of people is always at the core of all our actions.

This year, for the first time, the report has been established according to the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) standards and under strict compliance with the Law 11/2018 on non-financial and diversity information.

All reports are available on our webpage for more information: