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The steelmaking company updates its corporate policies regarding Ethics and Good Governance, highlighting its strong commitment to responsible and sustainable business practices for an ethical and transparent future

The steelmaking company Sidenor stands out for its marked comprehensive commitment to sustainability, both in environmental as well as social and governance aspects (ESG). In fact, the company demonstrates its endeavour through its support to initiatives and projects which generate more responsible practices and bring value to the society.

Within the framework of its strategy, the company joined the United Nations Global Compact, the major sustainability initiative worldwide, in 2022. In addition, in 2023, it included 100% of its suppliers in the GoSupply platform, with the aim to continuously monitor its chain of supply and know the level of risk and ESG commitment.

“At Sidenor, we believe that an important part of our daily work consists in securing and maintaining trust in our company – the trust of people who work directly in it and the trust of suppliers, customers and communities in which we develop our activities”, states José Antonio Jainaga, Chairman of the company.

In this regard, Sidenor intends to be more transparent and make this commitment more visible. For this purpose, the company presents a renewed Ethics and Corporate Governance section on its Website. This section, available in the main menu under the title “Governance”, does not only strengthen the company’s integrity in all its operations, but also its commitment to Ethics in the professional area.

Pillars of conduct

This section refers to the Code of Ethics, a document which defines the principles and values guiding Sidenor’s business conduct.

This Code is the company’s main pillar of conduct, guiding its practices towards honesty, respect and equity. In essence, it acts as an essential framework which strengthens the commitment to ethics throughout the company.

Commitment to sustainability and responsible purchase

This section encompasses the company’s general policies The first part is Sidenor’s Integrated Policy, which presents the essential pillars regarding Health and Safety, Environment, Quality, Energy and Information Security. These principles do not only include Sidenor’s activity, but also its commitment to preserving such areas while developing its activities.

The second part includes Sidenor’s Purchase Policy, which defines the basic principles for the purchase of goods and services needed by the company under the best possible conditions. This ensures that business activities are carried out while maintaining the expected quality and service standards.

Ethical bases for action

Sidenor’s corporate policies encompass the prevention of corruption, up to the promotion of fair competition and respect for Human Rights.

Such policies establish the ethical pillars which support the steel company’s operations, ensuring a business conduct that is in line with its fundamental values.

Riks prevention

Regarding risk prevention, Sidneor demonstrates a proactive behaviour, addressing both General Risk and Criminal Risk policies. Through these policies, the company identifies, assesses and mitigates possible problems or risks which might occur in the various operation areas.

In these sections, Sidenor underlines its commitment to corporate integrity and responsibility, adapting its policies to the surrounding dynamics.