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The main unions have reached an agreement with Sidenor in order to approve the Labour Adjustment Plan. Together with the announced investments, this plan sets flexibility measures aiming at recovering competitiveness, ensuring the company’s future and promoting employment stability.

  • 76% of the unions approve Sidenor’s labour adjustment plan
  • These labour measures, together with the announced investments, will help Sidenor recover a competitiveness that will ensure the company’s future and employment stability
  • A record of temporary employment regulation (ERTE) has also been approved for the entire workforce and will apply at any time according to the various production needs of each factory
  • 2,300 people are currently working for Sidenor in work centres based in the Basque Country, Cantabria and Catalonia.

Sidenor’s plan has been approved by the unions UGT, CCOO, USO and CSI-F, which represent 76% of the unions. The signature of this agreement will set labour instruments that enable a quick and organised taking of decisions, according to the production needs of the Company. On the other hand, independent negotiations have led to the approval of a record of temporary employment regulation (ERTE) for all work centres which will then reach 90% of the salary. The record will apply to each factory according to its current and future production load, with a maximum average estimate of 50% of a work day.

Among the measures approved in these negotiations are assistance for early retirement and conciliation, the establishment of training programs aiming at improving the polyvalency of workers, as well as providing the Company’s organisation with more flexibility.


About Sidenor

Sidenor is a steel company specialised in producing specific steel for the industry of  cars, machines, capital goods, civil shipbuilding, defence, energy, mining and petrochemistry. It is also one of the main suppliers of forged and cast parts in Europe.

After a century of activity, it is a reference in the market, with high value-added, high quality and innovative products. For this reason, it has one of the major R&D centres of excellence of the steel sector in Europe for the optimisation of its processes and products.

Sidenor has production centres in the Basque Country, Cantabria and Catalonia, where its total production capacity amounts to more than one million tons of special steel per year. It has sales offices in Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Italy. 2,300 people are currently working in Sidenor.