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As one of the main customers of this facility, Sidenor bets on sustainability and efficient waste management 


The companies Viuda de Sainz and Heidelberg Materials have joined up to boost the development of the Harri Green plant, a waste treatment and recovery facility located in Güeñes, Bizkaia, which includes Sidenor as one of its main customers. 

In line with its commitment to circular economy, Sidenor has actively taken part in the inauguration of the facility, reaffirming its focus on sustainability and the efficient management of the waste generated by its activities.

This new facility has the capacity to process 140,000 tons of construction and demolition waste yearly as well as 20,000 tons of steelworks slag. Through an advanced grinding process in three phases, Harri Green turns this waste into recycled aggregates which comply with strict quality standards, thus strengthening its position as a reference in the promotion of circular economy and sustainability in the region.

This project reflects Sidenor’s strong commitment to developing activities characterized by environmental responsibility and the promotion of sustainable practices. This commitment materializes in the high waste recovery rate achieved by the steelmaking company, which reached 88% in 2022 – a milestone resulting from the continuous search for smart and innovative alternatives for waste reduction, reuse and recovery.