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The European process industries use large quantities of energy and resources while raw material recycling and energy consumption optimisation, in the particular case of metal production facilities, are nowadays increasingly complex, mainly due to the increasing variability in raw materials for energy and materials. In order to meet this challenge, metal production facilities need to be updated by means of adequate sensors for scrap analysis and furnace operation.

The main objective of the REVaMP project is to develop, adapt and apply new adaptation technologies in order to face the increasing variability and to ensure efficient use of raw materials for materials and energy. This will be demonstrated by means of three examples of different highly relevant cases of use in the metal industry:

  • Steel production in an electric arc furnace.
  • Aluminium refining.
  • Lead recycling.

Within the framework of this project, SIDENOR is in charge of the first case of use and carries out an analysis of raw material variability in terms of materials and energy in scrap management during steel production as well as a review of material and energy balances, so as to subsequently apply statistical models, charge mixing optimisation strategies and predictive control models enabling the optimisation of charge and operation during electric arc furnace melting.

The REVaMP project will provide upgrading solutions for the European process industry, especially for metal production (with a high energy and resources consumption), by implementing advanced tools for raw materials characterisation, energy efficiency improvement as well as process control and monitoring.

The REVaMP project consortium is made up of 16 companies, including a strong presence of Spanish entities. The project has been financed within the framework of the Horizon 2020 Programme SPIRE call, in the specific area “Adaptation to variable feedstock through retrofitting”. Its total budget amounts to 9.9 million euros, 80% of which is financed by the EU (7.9 million euros contribution).

Picture : REVAMP concept map