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Sidenor will take part of 20th International Forgemasters Meeting from September 11th to 14th

Sidenor will give a conference at the IFM 2017, which will take place in the Austrian city of Graz from September 11th to 14th.

The “International Forgemasters Meeting” is an international congress; it takes place every three or four years and welcomes all actors involved in the forging industry. It celebrates its 20th edition this year.

The usual topics include new technological developments related to the forging sector, advanced materials, engineering and equipment in different plants, products for different industries, aerospace, energy, machining, transport, offshore and simulations or numerical analyses, among others.

The article presented by Sidenor, titled “New generation fatigue enhanced crankshafts”, explains how the deep rolling technique has been developed in Reinosa Works for its crankshafts: this method, based on crankshaft radii cold rolling, has led to significant improvement in the fatigue behaviour of the part, which is essential in the current industry of marine engines and energy production.

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