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The HYPERCOG project (HYPERCONNECTED ARCHITECTURE FOR HIGH COGNITIVE PRODUCTION PLANTS) aims at highlighting the potential of cyber-physical systems (CPS) and data analysis in the transformation of processes and business models, showing the potential of these technologies in the value chain and assessing their replicability and transferability to various industrial sectors.

This project is supported by the Horizon 2020 Programme within the framework of the call focused on R&D projects in the process industry (SPIRE) specific area “Digital technologies for improved performance in cognitive production plants”. SIDENOR, together with SIDENOR R&D, participates in this project as a partner in the “end-user” category, developing and validating a cognitive tool to optimise the planning of casting sequences, taking a wide array of aspects into consideration, such as maintenance downtimes, quality requirements, restrictions of other downstream and upstream processes, etc.


The project’s technical objectives can be summarised as such:

  1. Developing a platform aimed at turning manufacturing industries into more flexible environments,
  2. Implementing advanced data analysis systems in order to extract knowledge from production databases,
  3. Developing a Decision Support System (DSS) so as to take the best decision possible in a specific situation,
  4. Overcoming cybersecurity constraints for business enablement on the basis of cyber-systems (CPS) devices and the Internet of Things (IoT),
  5. Developing strategies for human resources training and reassessment in the light of the new technologies studied.
The HyperCOG project proposes a smart manufacturing system which is robust against a variant and uncertain real scenario. The solution is designed to allow for real-time monitoring, high data volume analysis, multilateral communication and interconnection between cyber-systems and people.

Picture : HYPERCOG concept

The project consortium is made up of 14 members, among which companies, technology centres and universities from 6 EU countries. The total budget of the project amounts to 7.6 million euros, 6.5 million euros being provided by the EU.

The project will be implemented over 42 months and should start in the fourth quarter of 2019.