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The steel company has launched a space to promote its commitment to technological development and creativity in the industrial field

Sidenor has reached a relevant milestone with the launch of its Innovation Hub, Sidenor 612, with the aim to organize and structure the company’s commitment to technological development and creativity in the industrial field.

This space, located at the epicenter of its digital ecosystem, stands as a transformative learning laboratory, dedicated to the promotion of data projects, artificial intelligence and new technologies.

With Sidenor 612, the steel company does not only foster internal technological development, but also promotes and encourages a culture of open innovation at a global level. Focused on collaboration, this system will actively coexist with other external agents, as well as with the start-up ecosystem.

Likewise, as part of its commitment to promoting sustainability and positive impact, Sidenor 612 aims to address process optimization, energy, the circular economy and diversification as strategic focuses.

Commitment to excellence 

This Innovaion Hub represents Sidenor’s commitment to excellence and anticipation of the challenges of the future, an innovation core that will serve to develop pioneering projects, facilitating collaboration between internal teams, strategic partners and emerging talents. 

In addition, it will provide access to specialized resources, state-of-the-art tools and cutting-edge analytical data.

Discover more about Sidenor’s Innovation Hub and feel free to innovate with us at