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Supported by the Framework Programme HORIZON 2020 and as part of the call for proposals on Industrial Sustainability, the BAMBOO project (Boosting new Approaches for flexibility Management By Optimizing process Off-gases and waste use) has just been approved. SIDENOR participates in this project as a “partner”.

The BAMBOO project aims at demonstrating innovative technologies for residual heat recovery, electrical flexibility and recovery of waste streams in four sectors: steel, petrochemical industry, paper and minerals, all this integrated in an energy management and raw materials flexibility tool.

This objective can be achieved thanks to the combined application of three innovations based on:

1.   Residual heat recovery, developing technologies aimed at recovering the energy content of this sources and using it where necessary,
2.   Electricity generation and consumption for more flexibility, providing the industry with the possibility of benefiting from lower prices,
3.   Recovery of waste streams using their energy content.

[The BAMBOO concept addresses one of the main challenges of the European industry: the promotion of growth and competitiveness, so as to help EU Member States maintain and strengthen the economic recovery and reach the objectives established by the EU for a low-carbon economy.]

The project consortium consists of 19 members, among which are companies, technology centres and universities from 10 EU countries. The total budget of the project amounts to 18.7 million euros, more than 11 million euros being provided by the EU. The project should be implemented within 42 months and is scheduled to start in the fourth quarter of 2018.