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Steels for forging

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Steels for forging

Steels with high forgeability specifically designed for hot, warm and cold forging. They do not need heat treatments to achieve the mechanical properties. High tensile strengths are achieved by controlled cooling or high deformations of the material, achieving competitive processes that meet the performance of the component requested by the customer.


Fracture-split conrods

Steel for forging fracture splitting connecting rods
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Direct quenching of hot forged parts
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High yield strength and good compromise strength - toughness
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Steels with high mechanical properties after forging or rolling
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Microalloyed steel with high yield strength and fatigue performance after forging or rolling
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Technology MECAMAX® MB

Improved machinability steels for high performance applications
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Technology MECAMAX® AV

Improved machinability steels for high cutting speeds
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Technology MECAMAX® PLUS

Improved machinability steels for all the cutting speed range
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