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Steels with high resistance to fatigue

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Steels with high resistance to fatigue

High performance steels that ensure maximum reliability of the components subjected to dynamic loads thanks to their high resistance to fatigue. The properties are achieved by precise control of the parameters of the manufacturing process. These high durability steels enable a reduction in the weight of the components and to develop new, lighter, designs according to customer requirements.


Premium Quality Leaf Springs

High strength leaf springs with longer fatigue life
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HS Springs

Inclusion engineering and longer fatigue life in lighter suspension springs
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Case hardening steels that guarantee a fine grained structure
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Bearings Steel Grades

Superclean steels devoted to 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation bearings manufacturing
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Quenched and tempered (Q&T) steel with high temperature oxidation resistance
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Cost-effective and reliable fine grain size case hardening steel for very large gears with high-temperature long-time carburizing processes
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