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Clean steels

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Clean steels

Manufacturing technology of special steels which enables a significant reduction of non-metal inclusions, thus ensuring an optimal fatigue level and very high resistance of the part in case hardening. Sidenor’s clean steel technology produces highly isotropic materials by means of innovative manufacturing processes, which enable an excellent behaviour under high loads in almost all parts. Especially suitable for rolling applications in bearings, gears and contact wear in the car industry, industrial machinery, wind energy towers, railways or agricultural vehicles, allowing for slimmer designs with maximum reliability.



New family of case hardening steels with high hardenability
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Case hardening steels that guarantee a fine grained structure
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Bearings Steel Grades

Superclean steels devoted to 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation bearings manufacturing
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Cost-effective and reliable fine grain size case hardening steel for very large gears with high-temperature long-time carburizing processes
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