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Corporate Policies

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Corporate Policies

At Sidenor, we have various policies which help us develop our activities in an honest, ethical, transparent and sustainable manner, always in compliance with the current legislation.

Code of Ethics

It sets out the principles and values that govern our performance; this document is key to the successful management of our business. These principles are the following: respect for the law, ethical integrity, respect for human rights and commitment to the prevention and eradication of child labour.

Integrated Policy

It includes our Health and Safety, Environmental, Quality and Energy policies. In 2021, we included our company commitment to information safety management, so as to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information, promoting efforts in order to guarantee process efficiency.

Risk Management System

Sidenor has implemented a risk management system which reasonably ensures that all significant (strategy, operational, financial, compliance and governance) risks are prevented, identified, evaluated, submitted to continuous follow-up, and reduced to the assumption and tolerance levels defined by the Management.

Purchasing Policy

It defines the basic principles for the purchase of goods and services that are necessary for our business under the best possible quality, service and cost conditions.

Corruption and Bribery

Our Code of Ethics proscribes bribes paid to authorities and public officials and prohibits Sidenor people from giving to or receiving from third parties undue payments of any kind, presents, handouts or favours that are outside the realm of market practice or can endanger, or seem to endanger the ability of adopting objective and fair business decisions.


At Sidenor, we have a management system that we integrate into all our activities so as to comply with the highest quality, safety and environmental protection standards. This commitment is reflected in our various certifications.