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01. Scrap Suppliers

proveedores de chatarra
Sidenor transforms scrap into new steel products and seeks a long-term relationship with its suppliers, for which it has specialized and involved staff that develops the supply chain and guarantees the quality of the scrap supplied.

02. Materials and Services Suppliers

materiales y servicios sidenor
Sidenor considers its suppliers to be its strategic allies. They are directly related to product and service quality, safety in the work environment and sustainability in the productive chain. Therefore, Sidenor works together with these suppliers so that they may continue to act responsibly with both people and the environment.

03. Prevention

Fabrica de Sidenor en Basauri
Here at Sidenor, we consider our suppliers and service providers to be strategic allies. They have a direct impact on the quality of our own products and services, on the safety of our working environment and on the long-term sustainability of our company. That’s why Sidenor works with our suppliers to ensure that everyone follows practices founded on a sense of responsibility towards people and the environment.