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Square Bright Bars

Barra Calibrada Cuadrada

This type of profile is typically used in the manufacturing of fittings, hydraulic elements and bolts.

Sidenor Bright Steels:
  • Supply of drawn bars in diameters from 8mm to 40mm. Tolerance h11 in lengths from 2800 to 7000mm.
  • The bars may have 1 and/or 2 beveling/facing ends.
  • Straightness between 0.5mm/m-2mm/m according to specifications. Package weight 1,000Kg/1,500Kg.
  • Material 100% controlled by circograph.
  • European standard EN 10277-1 and customer specifications.
  • Steels: 11SMn30, S250, 1214 /11SMn37, S300, 1215 / 11SMnPb30, S250Pb, 12L14 / 11SMnPb37, S300Pb, 12L15 / 10S20, 45S20, 46S20, 44SMn28, 35MF6, 36SMnPb14, SAE 1141, SAE 1144, C35Pb, C45Pb.